Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 6

So no weight loss yesterday, but I have to admit, I had seven bites at dinner. I actually felt weak yesterday afternoon, and I really didn't think I would make it through the night without a couple extra bites. They were just of lettuce with dressing on it, but it filled me up, and I was able to take care of my baby, bathe her, do laundry, attempt to pack for our family vacation and get a little work done too. One thing I am not liking, no bowel movement since I began. Do I see Senecot in my future?? Oh well, maybe when I do actually go, I will drop a pound or two! Coffee...do your thing!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Conitnue Day 5

I have to admit - I was super hungry - and could not wait until 12 to eat.  I just had 4 bites of a peanut butter sandwich and a strawberry.  I so wanted to finish the last few bites of sandwich - but I didn't and just threw it away.  I feel okay now - but I know I am going to be starving by dinner.  What should I make that will be so good - I will be eager to wait for it???

Day 5

As I wake this morning and weigh myself and realize that I have lost ten pounds, I cannot tell you how happy I am I began this diet. I feel great, see my waist and my pants and shorts fit better. I do miss the hot dog/funnel cake/soft pretzel at the game or pool, but I like this better.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Day 2

So...I had a baby 10 1/2 months ago. I gave myself 9 months to take off the weight. Took nine to put it on, nine to take it off. Well, wasn't that a novel idea? Meanwhile, 10 1/2 months later, I have a precious baby, that does not sleep, a full time job, home to maintain, marriage to keep up, and no time for workouts. Well, I do have time, but I would rather be loving my baby or husband at that time. And, I weigh more now than I did at 6 weeks post c section. Ugh! And yes, swimsuit, dare I say, season is almost here. So, I found this diet. The 5 Bite Diet. I eat no breakfast, which I never do anyway, eat five bites of anything at lunch, three being protein filled, and the same with dinner. I can drink as much calorie free drinks all day. I thought I would never make it through Day 1. Well, I am at Day two, feeling pretty good, and the scale is showing a decline! I like this! But will I be able to last through the weekend? We went to the Arts Festival tonight. Fries, corn dogs, funnel cakes, snow cones, soft serve...all were calling my name! I had none! Wasn't hungry. Is the diet working, or am I just so grossed out by my belly rolls and muffin tops that I am anti food? I guess the next few days will tell. Pounds down as of the beginning of the day yesterday:3. I can handle that!